We take care of every aspect of your furniture refurbishment: be it restoring it prior to reupholstery.


Developed over centuries, traditional upholstery involves a range of labour intensive techniques rooted in different periods. Therefore traditional upholstery requires the relevant skillset by the craftsman, the appropriate tools as well as the suitable raw materials underneath the top fabric. For instance, a chesterfield sofa is a prime example of traditional upholstery that utilises elements such as springs, natural fibre (horsehair, wool, hessian, vegetable and cotton felt) and involves craftsmanship, precision and a good eye for a perfect and enduring finish. Before any reupholstery work is carried out we note how your furniture was originally upholstered with special regard to the materials and techniques which we then re-apply if the client wishes us to. We are in a unique position whereby before any upholstery work commences, we can examine its overall condition and repair and restore it on site.


We additionally have extensive experience in utilizing modern re-upholstering techniques where the substratum under the top fabric contains upholstery foam or rubberized (latex) horsehair. We take into consideration the comfort and aesthetic lines of the furniture. We show clients the substratum of the furniture and go through the advantages of each technique for clients to make an informed choice. Modern upholstery can also involve cutting edge techniques e.g. Eames furniture that require specialist fabrics to enhance the clarity of lines.

Cane & Rushing

We repair caning and rushing, be it antique or modern. We cane bed headboards and footboards, stools and chairs including bergère suites. We also repair Seagrass and Danish Cord chairs / furniture as well as modern caning: Loom Cane; Machine Cane, Machine-made sheet cane, Sheet Cane and Pre-woven cane.


We are in a unique position for a central London-based workshop to have a reputable restoration practice, London Restorers Ltd, adjoining our upholstery workshop, whereby before any upholstery work commences on your furniture, we examine its overall condition, e.g. checking the mortice and tenons for loose joints or wood worm. We then repair and restore it on site before proceeding with the reupholstery. London Restorers Ltd mainly specialises in 17th and 18th Century furniture, yet have over the years developed the skillset to also restore modern furniture.