Braquenié wallpapers is class in its very essence. Initially set by the Braquenié brothers and now presented by the prestigious and famous French Pierre Frey brand the company is a thriving.

Inspiration for Braquenié wallpapers includes Toiles de Jouy, printed calico, secular nobility, French decoration, classicism and charm, living legacy, panache, inspiration from antique documents. The French eighteenth century remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all amateurs of the beautiful. Figures of the past such as Jane Austen, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Charlotte Brontë have influenced the range of romantic and feminine colours that evoke the powdered atmosphere of the boudoirs of yesteryear. The richness of the embroideries with large ramps or small patterns adapts to all the atmospheres.

Maximum authenticity is achieved through the use of traditional techniques to apply flat areas of colour, similar to block printing from the past. To ensure a more vivid reinterpretation and sensitivity of the colours, gravure and flexography printing techniques are used, which allow for subtle gradations of colour. For a more whimsical effect, they use flocking, whereby the pattern is picked out in a fine layer of velvet-like material. Equally as important as the choice of pattern, the colours are judiciously distributed. For most products, there is both an original version that retains an antique feel and more up-to-date versions that suit contemporary or modern decor perfectly. Patterns are printed on very high quality, non-woven paper.






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