Carl Robinson

Over the last 25 years, Carl Robinson has created wallcoverings that stand for exceptional design in which dreams and beauty are embodied. Learning and working side by side with his father and grandfather in the UK, Carl’s mastery of the craft of wallcoverings  speaks to the heritage of design and the legacy of family.  Known for an artful approach and an authentic process, the Carl Robinson Brand explores texture, pattern, scale and the natural beauty of the materials.


“I love what I do,” Robinson says. “From a business perspective, the most satisfying thing is when you know you’ve got orders. It means people are interested in what you’ve created, that they’re excited about it. And when you walk onto the shop floor and there are large rolls, rolls with patterns you designed, and lots of them, you feel like you’ve created something special. You want people to appreciate and enjoy what you do; that’s ultimately what it’s all about.”





pattern, texture