Fardis: a distinctive brand name of the highest quality wallpapers. An affiliate of the renowned Muraspec, this unique UK based brand breathes new life into the world of interior design. Muraspec has achieved global leadership in design solutions – international recognition that Fardis has also earned, in its own right. Creativity, desirability and high quality of our brand offers clients a wide variety of wallpapers and fabrics to choose from. With their own design and manufacturing in the UK, their offer includes in-house digitally printed customised designs and colours, providing clients with the freedom to select the best, most suitable interior ambience with designs they deserve. Fardis’ expertise and creativity can transform design ideas into beautiful realities!


They have a long history of designing and manufacturing interior products, with its reputation in the industry spanning four decades. For over 10 years, Fardis has been a part of the Muraspec Group. Wallpaper products combine designs, quality and great durability making them ideal for the residential and high end commercial environments.



The current range features over 1000 stunning wallpapers and fabrics to choose from. Visit our London Wallpaper Company store to view various samples from the collection. 


Website: www.fardis.com



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