Throughout the years Flamant has grown into more than just a brand. It represents a lifestyle. And as ways of living continually change, so do their collections. Evolution, innovation, and upcycling are core aspects of our company’s philosophy. Although ever evolving, a considered harmony between different styles and carefully selected themes grants our collections a great flexibility and coherence suited to both your personal home and to professional use in hotels, restaurants and offices.

In creating this atmosphere, a handmade quality and appearance is of the highest importance. Flamant has its products crafted all around the globe, relying on a broad and assorted network of local artisan workshops such as London Wallpaper Company.



Flamant’s collections offer a multitude of styles, encompassing a broad design spectrum. From classic, country and Gustavian to modern vintage and contemporary urban design, The brand merges past and present in perfect harmony making tradition and innovation, simplicity and design meet. The result is a vast and diversified collection of products, allowing for the creation of a very personal interior, rooted in the essence of Flamant.


Website: www.flamant.com



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