Behind every Khroma collection lays a unique story that is told in the most beautiful colour combinations, the most innovative structures and attractive designs. With Khroma the self-aware consumer opts for variety and inspiration and allows the brand to lead in the quest for originality and individuality.

Masureel’s company philosophy is passion. Under the motto “Only passion can help you to go higher”, the company attaches great importance to quality and art. Masureel is fortunate to be able to build on a rich family history. The Masureel family has been active in the flax industry, weaving and refining of fabrics for more than two centuries. In the late twentieth century, Masureel switched over to the printing of high quality non woven and textile wallcovering and refined interior textiles. Thanks to a clear vision and an underlying philosophy (Art – Interior – Concept), Masureel developed an own image and the organisation evolved into a leading, inspiring company that propagates the trends of tomorrow! Due to its own creation, Research & Development and production department, Masureel always manages to find the perfect synergy between contemporary patterns and fashionable colours in combination with the most innovative production techniques.



Because colour is very important in the overall interior concept of Masureel, it also brought out its own paint line colorythm on the market. The paint shades of Colorythm integrate seamlessly with the wallcoverings and fabrics from the numerous Masureel collections.. Masureel proudly wears the label of a 100% Belgian company where quality, innovation and creativity are the key pillars on which the organisation depends!





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