Lorca, is renowned for its elegant and luxurious aesthetic, and ravishing colour palette. They offer a wonderful variety of fabrics; embroidered silks, grand-scale prints and jacquards, opulent velvets and a wide choice of glamorous upholstery weaves. Many designs draw inspiration from nature and the rich heritage of textiles to be found in Asia and the Far East.

The name Lorca has become synonymous with beautiful embroideries, featuring exotic florals depicted in exquisite detail and distinguished by a unique flair for colour in harmonious combinations.



Louisiane collection: The elegant patterns are coloured in Lorca’s light and airy palette to create a feeling of informality; colours include fuchsia, sky-blue, burnt orange, lavender and lime. All the wallpapers have direct co-ordinates in the fabric collection Louisiane with Bayou as an additional option.


Website: www.osborneandlittle.com/brands/lorca/



elegant, luxurious