Casamance wallpapers and collections are nourished with diverse inspirations, each motif, matter, color is in support of internal journeys. Vegetal imprint, mixing intense and spicy tones, exotic nature reveals itself in the collections and exalts your senses. Decorated with the sobriety and delicacy that are the hallmarks of the major French decoration brands, Casamance stamps its creations of beauty that crosses fashions and ages. The brand invigorates contemporary interiors as much as it warms the more authentic atmospheres. By avoiding recurring or mimetic trends, it takes the challenge of reinventing the classics of tomorrow.

A few of the new Casamance collections include Manado, a unique collection, bordering on art and crafts. The energy of the gesture, the intensity of the colors, the gigantism of the formats are sublimated by metallic flakes of copper and silver. The original beauty is adorned with the artist’s imprint. And the wall becomes a work of art. 2016 was a good year with the launch of  wall coverings for Memories Mahales for Misia. The Craft collection, wallcovering, was the first Casamance collection made from straw. It unites gracefully the ancestral know-how of a traditional weaving and the modernity of a digital printing. We look forward to the year 2017.





soft furnishings, texture