Carlucci di Chivasso  is an interior fabrics and wallpaper editor based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. Chivasso products are modern, and can be used not only in young fun interiors but also in rich classical interiors.



Chivasso interiors reflect the Zeitgeist but are versatile enough to be timeless. Let Chivasso take you on a journey and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Monsoon their newest wallpaper collection. Don’t be afraid to bring the energy and vibrance of the tropical monsoon rains to your home. The arrival of the monsoon rains brings new life and energy. Plants and animals are reborn, appearing to spring up from nowhere. Rich foliage, beautiful blooms and succulent grasslands, carpet the earth as the barren land springs to life. Monsoon is a vibrant life force bringing with it a fresh burst of inspiration.

It, brings you a deluge of exciting ideas, a cloudburst of fresh colours and bold prints. With the monsoon comes the wind of change, a fresh breeze of colour and energy. The collection encompasses three themes: Jungle, New Hampshire, and Vintage.Travel from the hillside jungles of northern Thailand, to the Hamptons, off the coast of NewYork and over the ocean to the English countryside.





bold, colour, modern