Innovations set out to break new ground in the industry by creating wallcovering and textiles to surprise and excite design professionals, while simultaneously providing unparalleled customer service. Their products are made with the highest manufacturing standards, using top-of-the-line materials at the cutting edge of contemporary design. Innovations, their name speaks for itself, unique and dynamic wall coverings that always seek to inspire and innovate.



The newest of collections feature, Barbizon, Danube and many more. The woven texture of Barbizon evokes the caned chairs of a Parisian café, the quintessential site of artistic inspiration. Danube, A painterly textile, styled with color and texture rather than line, Danube incorporates cotton, polyester, linen and acrylic into a luxe wallcovering. Within the 47-inch width of mixed media, a sleek yarn reflects light like waves on the Danube, its namesake river and the locus of a 16th century school of printmakers and landscape painters. Danube’s eight nature-inspired colorways embrace the school’s expressive style.





high quality, innovative